Project Management / Construction Administration

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HE has provided project and construction management services on projects ranging from $5K to over $60M. The essence of our services is to provide planning and control of activities to achieve the objectives of performance (scope), schedule, and cost. Services are tailored to the requirements of the client that range from project management for the overall direction of multiple projects to the management of specific components of one project. Utilizing our own project control systems and methods, the extent of these services is tailored to suit the client’s organization and procedures. Our Project Management services can include executive reports on budget, schedule, and compliance with projections through the completion.

Hanlon’s Standard Project Engineering Policy:

HE Project Engineers are permanently based for work in Arizona & Nevada and will be responsible for any and all facets of the project that will be made available for Hanlon Engineering from both the development of the design and monitoring the execution of the construction if required.  From managing all design phases Project Engineers will initiate design and scope feasibility reviews of all contracts, procurement assistance and coordination, monitoring of permitting, if required, and area utilization, creation of a management/administrative plan; cost management and budgeting; attend briefings for Project Team Managers; monthly status reports; construction management/contract administration, if needed; construction CPM scheduling, if needed; change order review to protect counties interest; review payment request for accuracy; coordinate submittal review; coordinate project closeout; monthly status report; weekly coordination meetings; coordinate onsite construction QA/QC; and organization of the project’s start-up and commissioning.

HE Project Engineers will develop an in-house Project Management Plan (PMP) that identifies all project stakeholders, delineates the project team organization, and establishes clear and concise channels for timely communication and decision-making. It addresses the roles and responsibilities of the project team, coordination requirements, and the flow and control of documents. The PMP also addresses communication requirements for the project, including regular reporting and expeditious identification and resolution of issues.

HE has the personnel, consultants and innovative thinking to handle any work associated with process systems, with expertise on study assessments, single source design and detail engineering for equipment,  geotechnical work, and survey. Standard Project Management includes Engineering Reports on demolition, alterations, rehabilitations, new systems or expansions to the current processes, conducting system or facility evaluations, preparing pre-design plans for civil, electrical, or structural engineering, General Arrangements for equipment layout and serviceability, or process upgrade/replacement or repair. We also are setup to handle existing conditions surveying described with Engineering Reports that detail system crossings, inter connectivity and generate proposals/innovations for mapping, or physical or laser survey work to locate all infrastructures, equipment, piping, etc. within any building or within the property boundaries of a facility site.

Hanlon Project Management Functions

• Project Planning and Management
• Cost Management
• Schedule Management
• Scope Management
• Quality Management
• Safety/Risk Program Management
• Contract Administration
• Leadership

Hanlon Project Management Focus

• Control time, scope, cost and quality
• Apply integrated systems and procedures to achieve the Owner’s goals
• Encourage professionalism, teamwork, and “ownership”

Hanlon Project Management Tools

• Construction Management Plan
• Project Procedures Manual
• Quality Management Plan
• Procurement Plan
• Contracts and Agreements
• Laws
• Standards of Care

Hanlon Project Value Engineering

• Value Improvement
• Value = Functional Benefit/Cost
• Work With Owner to Determine Functional Benefits, Understand

Hanlon Measures Value Engineering

• Sensitive to Life Cycle Impacts
• Understand the Owner’s Criteria and Standards
• Understand Functional and Operational Requirements
• Drill Down on the Project Specific Issues
• Develop Cost Model