Statement of Qualifications

Hanlon Engineering (HEA) is pleased to present this Statement of Qualifications outlining the capabilities that provide exceptional Single Source Engineering services.  Through commitment to emerging markets and new technology, this firm offers to clients a state-of-the-art professional consultation that establishes us as a leader in the Engineering fields.  In strong belief that a Client’s satisfaction is the foundation of a Project; this firm’s commitment and Professional Competency is the key for offering unparalleled excellence on each and every Project.  Our broad range of expertise allows us to support our Clients’ Project through feasibility studies, from conception, to design, engineering, procurement, construction, permitting and commissioning.

HEA maintains Business Licenses that gives legal authorization to conduct business in your jurisdiction, Professional Licensure to guarantee protection of your investment through regulated and ethical standards of practice,  and National Certifications which assists in License Reciprocity to meet Project and Client Requirements.

Our team of Professionals is proud to be innovative in approach and practical in solution for the Mining, Commercial, Corporate, Industrial, Institutional, Water Resources, Civil Construction, Renewable Energy, and Construction Sectors. We capitalize on effective utilization of company and client resources, as well as selective teaming with independent consultants, to enhance our technical expertise, extend our staffing capabilities, and economically meet individual project requirements

HEA was founded in 1999 with the vision of becoming one of the leading regional and national engineering firms.  Over 1,500 Projects carrying a constructed value of over $2B have been completed on time and budget.  Our firm is nationally recognized where a significant portion of our work involves renovation and modernization of existing facilities throughout North, Central and South America.  Recently we have been tasked to do feasibility studies internationally for Mining Projects in Spain and Turkey.

HEA handpicks specific consultants to extend the capabilities of the team for any given Project. These qualified Professionals coupled with HEA core strengths assembles the team beneficial to provide Engineering services for the most simple, complex and diverse projects.

This Statement of Qualifications details areas of expertise for past clients who include mining companies, state and federal jurisdictions, international projects, feasibility studies, and foreign federal agencies.

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