Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Hanlon Engineering Project QA/QC Manager and team Project Managers will ensure that the highest standards of quality are adhered to in every project activity. Quality is best managed through documented reports and inspections performed on a regular basis. All submittals need to be in place ahead of the work commencing. By incorporating such elements as witness/hold points, submittal checklists, and testing procedures and intervals, the highest level of quality will be achieved. Each Discipline head is tasked with QA/QC for respective work.  HEA maintains and will utilize an in-house set of Commercial Specifications of 2014 CSI 6-didgit format MasterSpec to augment Project Specifications.  QC/QA process is to review of each Specification Section with the applicable drawing information in an effort to ensure there are no conflicts.  Additionally, drawing information is maintained to be general in nature; whereas, the Specifications are best utilized to transmit more specific information, which is verified to be both current and appropriate to application.

Hanlon Engineering surveys by process of field verification; measurements, digital imagery, laser modeling, as-built drawing review and supplied owner information for all the areas in and around a Project for built information as well as confirmation of As-Built conditions that would affect design.  HEA performs Field Verification to produce accurate data for informed decision making, using all documentation provided by Client and readily available by other means, such as public record and utility providers as applicable.  All facilities are cataloged digitally and verified by measure as part of normal services and made a part to the Project Archive to assist our Team in accurate work.  HEA will not rely on work performed by other firms as basis for project commencement, so HEA starts from the same point with each project with our own protocols for project assessment.  HEA takes full authority over its own surveys for accuracy and workability with any design scenario from existing to new projects.  HEA avoids all major and most minor changes to design concepts due to the fact that the relevant information is known prior to beginning.

Hanlon Engineering commissioning efforts, with QA/QC in place for all disciplines and consultant work, field verification protocols, digital automation practices within the firm, and other value added elements benefit a project that is on time and under budget.  HEA prides itself in creating a collaborative environment where Client receives the project contracted for while HEA maintains accountability throughout.  Beyond meeting the timeline and cost targets, HEA designs each project to meet a greater durability, longer term life cycle, and cost efficiency for reducing future facility expenditures.