Small Business Enterprise Policy

Hanlon Engineering (HE) developed a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program in 2012. HE is committed to maintaining a program that offers an opportunity for small businesses in the Tucson/Pima Metropolitan Area to do business in support of HE. It is a program that fosters economic growth and serves to enhance business opportunities for neighbors in our community.

The HE SBE Program is a race and gender neutral program in that applicants may be representative of any and all ethnic and gender groups. Our program offers an opportunity to other small businesses interested in doing business together in our community and neighbors.  HE policy is to identify opportunities within the services we bid and perform that can be subcontracted to an SBE and DBE firms. Once an opportunity is presented we look to develop a mentoring relationship to the advantage of all.

SBE Feedback:

Hanlon Engineering during the course of the project and at the completion of each project conducts a review of the team collaboration and project performance. This project review provides feedback and suggestions from and to all team members with open communication will improve performances and communication skills.  HE holds mentoring workshops to assist the SBE’s to develop additional skills and to understand how to achieve or exceed our company’s quality standards.