Electrical & Instrumentation

HE’s electrical team develops plans and specifications that conform to local building and electrical codes and MSHA health and safety requirements utilizing the latest technology in computer networking to directly control processes, provide data management reports, and organize maintenance functions.

HE’s Power Transmission and Distribution team provides engineering calculations and designs utilizing ETAP Electrical Power System Design Software for the design and optimization of power transmission and distribution systems, including arc flash, load flow, short circuit and transient stability analysis. HE uses PLS-CADD software to design the transmission line and optimize pole locations, sag and tension. 

HE uses Dialux to energy model Lighting in 3D to solve lighting and shadow conditions in the planning process. 

HE believes in sustainable engineering and showcases knowledge and direction in Solar and other alternative energy systems.

  • Lighting Design & ModelingSubstation Site 01
  • System Computer Modeling
  • Power Flow Studies
  • Voltage Drop Studies
  • Motor Start Studies
  • Loss Analysis
  • Power Management System Studies
  • Master Planning Studies
  • Short and Long Term System Planning
  • Generation and Emergency Generation Planning
  • Evaluation of Power Supply Alternatives
  • Distribution Feeder Protection and Sectionalizing
  • Field Surveys of Electrical Facilities
  • Grounding Analysis
  • Overhead Transmission Lines
  • Substations
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Solar Feasibility, New Design & RetrofitsHanlon Engineering Solar Power