Hanlon Commercial Facility Upgrade – HuHuGam Heritage Center – Gila River Indian Community

Type: Commercial  Size: 25,000 sf   Year:  2013

HE provided full Engineering Services for the HuHuGam Heritage Center – Gila River Indian Community. The scope of work included existing construction and product research, upgrades in facade & roofing detailing to alleviate leakage, solar heat gain, noise transmission, glare and energy loss. HE completed design Engineering drawings and construction documents.  Charged to maintain architectural aesthetic with upgrades due to age and significance of the structure to the Community.


Overall Plan
Structural Design
Mechanical Design
Utilities Integration
Project Management

Project Outcomes:

Recycled Roofing Ballast

  • Cleaned and re-used it for roads

Recycled all removed metals, Aluminum Break Metal and Galvanized Steel

  • Client received money back for metal removed from scrap recycle.

Achieved goals of Aesthetic Upgrades

  • Removed visual clutter
  • Reduced Water & Dust Intrusion Points by alleviating the need for mullions or glazing supports
  • Simplified Design Approach to help normalize the new construction to the unknowns of existing construction

Achieved goals of Energy Consumption Reduction for HVAC of the Curatorial and Exhibit Spaces

  • Glazing System reduced Solar Heat gain by blocking Solar Radiation
  • Roofing Material and Color choice reduced Heat Gain through using inherent reflectance and lower thermal mass

Water Ponding fixed, Interior Drains re-Installation at Proper Elevation, drainage restored to intended function

  • Lack of ponding will keep Maintenance Staff from needing to access roof to remove the water after every rain.
  • Employee Safety concerns rectified

Project Design Elements Simplified to keep Birds and Bats from using the building components for roosting

  • Reduced budget for constant power washing, roof access
  • Employee Safety concerns rectified

Gila River Indian Community has determined that the Upgrades in Aesthetic/Energy Use Reduction have exceeded their expectations

Gila River Indian Community, Senior Project Manager for Tribal Projects:  Howard Reno, GRIC

General Contractor:  W.E.O’Neil, Project Superintendent:  Steve Nichols, LEED AP