Hanlon Gila Bend Power Station

Multiple projects at the Power Station under design and consideration.

  • Warehouse and Office Expansion with exterior Gas Cylinder and Unloading Dock.   Office Expansion with higher ceiling heights,  secure tool storage areas, unloading dock and additional warehouse space.  Site feature adjacent to building is a covered upright cylinder storage structure that allows for separated tank type, tanks are secured with chains.
  • Water Desalinization Facility with skid mount GE Permanent Desalinization and hook-ups for temporary trailer desalination equipment.  Forklift zones are nearly level, slabs depressed under desalination filters to catch potential spillage.  Space also contains storage for replacement equipment for skid mounted filters.
  • Chemical & Petroleum Storage.  Special considerations in slab design required to contain spillage should a container leak, forklift travel corridors to remain relatively level to reduce potential spill hazards.  Spaces designed to be separate ventilated rooms, storage of chemicals and petroleum.   A firewall is added for burn control between spaces.
  • Fuel Station designed for exterior loading of liquid state fuels, diesel and gasoline.  Component considered, spill pit to collect potential overages from connect & disconnect of fuel lines.