Robert J. Hanlon, President



Hanlon Engineering looks for Design/Build collaboration and sees advantages over the conventional relationships of Engineer and General Contractor as A/E + G.C. separate entities.

Top Ten Advantages why the Design/Build approach excels for Clients and Projects are as follows:

1. Unified Collaboration: All Team Members are together to accomplish the same goals –to produce a successful project that exceeds expectation. When design and construction challenges are encountered,  unilateral solutions are determined to maintain Budget and Schedule.

2. 100% Accountability: Team is accountable for the entire project –including the Aesthetic, Budget and Schedule.  A  Client should see immediate advantage from a cohesive Team expect more detailed attention to pricing and sequencing from the very beginning of a project to its completion. Budget is taken into account early on in the Project cycle; all fees, construction costs, utilities, landscaping allowances, etc.

We prefer to Team with General Contractors that believe in process as we do to protect the interests of Clients, where Projects are produced to expected results/quality and there are no excuses for Budget and Schedule creep.

3. Cohesive Process: Involved from Conception to Commission, Team delivers a consistent inherent efficiency to the Client. Accountability through conflict resolutions greatly diminish issues falling through the cracks.

4. Project Expertise: As Industry experts that enhance greatly the delivery of the Project our Principals are licensed Engineers with formal academic/professional training paired with experience in the field.  Possessing professional experience in construction we understand Budget, Project Scheduling and how Projects are detailed and produced.

In the current economy, Hanlon Engineering has observed other Engineering firms attempting to emulate a full service design operation without having any real field training or single source capability reducing quality and increasing costs and schedules.  Likewise, it has been apparent that some general contractors claim to all the sudden have an ‘experienced’ staff of accomplished designers thus creating an illusion of Design/Build that Clients should be aware of.

Hanlon offers a tremendous Project advantage to the Client by having Engineers that can think like Builders and Team with Builders who understand and operate like Engineers, but the constant charge is always 100% Commitment, something done every day within each discipline for a Project – corners are not cut out of convenience, at Hanlon the Project is expected to be done thoroughly and correct.

5. Professional Project Mentoring: Stories of Design/Build getting out of control and lost in scope and schedule are reality.  The project process shouldn’t be random, chaotic or stressful.   A good Team leads with Education/Expertise for the Clients throughout the process, directing the process to the best built outcome on time and budget. Hanlon follows a protocol in the design process that is capable of refinements as the Project progresses and assists Construction management through orderly steps reducing chaos and maintaining defined goals.

6. Client Involvement: Our Team assumes that the Client is an active participant in the design and construction of the project.  Involved Clients will be assured that the Team will meet the Project goals and deliver above expectation. Involvement inspires Clients and gives ownership to a Project.

7. Team Collaboration: Hanlon Teaming efforts encourages cutting out ‘big egos’ commonly found in other Engineer Design Firms.  Ego’s rarely help a Project or a Client relationship.  In design-build the client retains total control over the project and the team is there to empower them.

8. Transparent, Open, Honest and Frequent Communication: Our Team is transparent to assist our Clients to understand the Project Process in common terms what is happening now and in will happen in the future. Teaming works the best when communication is what Clients and Team needs to  vs. what people want to hear/see.  Clear communication establishes a defined budget and concise scope early on as it becomes the agreement for the entire project.

9. Time Allocation & Turn-around: Design/Build involves managing dozens of critical timelines simultaneously that require coordination in definitive sequence. Our Teaming creates effective stress reducing opportunities for clients to mull over big decisions, ask questions, and consider potential solutions.  Design/Build teaming should avoid taking steps backwards leading to higher quality, more efficient process and budget targeted Project.  This Teaming system is adaptable to changes in the economy, project directives and field response.  Large Project decisions can be accomplished during construction without potential change orders or additional fees.  If changes are made it will cost money is the conventional train of thought –in design-build it is easier to control changes and costs.

10. Budget Savings: Design Build Team historically save Clients approximately 10% of the Project Costs.

Standard:  Engineer + General Contractor separate contracts – Design 12-15%, Construction Fees 15%, General Conditions 5% (totals** 32-35%)

Design/Build:  Design +Build Team – Design 7-12%, Construction Fees 12-14%, General Conditions 1% (totals** 20-27%)

**Professional Fees as a percentage of Construction Costs.


9131207-architettura-modello-vettoriale-senza-soluzione-di-continuita-con-la-nube-di-parola-illustrazione-coYour Single Source choice for an Engineering Firm in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada is Hanlon Engineering.  We offer any number of service combinations from complete Single Source to split Engineering.

For example, should an Engineer of Record require HE to provide particular expertise to round out a Design Team, fulfill a Design/Build Proposal, we are capable of working within any Team Matrix/Organizational Chart effectively on time and budget.  HE is capable of offering any number of combinations of discipline services to Projects.  Our established QA/QC program ensures that the highest quality service exceeds expectation.20195064-engineering-word-cloud-concept-illustration

Professional Licensed/Certified Individuals in disciplines include: Detail Engineering, Civil Engineering, Concrete and Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Piping Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation and Controls System Engineering, Process Engineering, Project Management, Construction Management, and Administrative Support.  We maintain licenses in multiple states to allow for project service mobility.